Choosing A Stylist…….

It hard enough picking the new hairstyle you want but when it comes to picking a stylist this can be just as important. All the staff we have in salon are so talented and no matter which stylist you see the end result will always be the same as consistency plays a major part for us at La Sorella but it depends on what type of experience your after. For example I myself am a big chatter, I want to know who you are, where you are from, your sisters uncles brothers dogs name but like in everyday life our personalities are all very different and I know some people would think ‘good god woman shut up and do my hair’. I always say a clientele is exactly like their hairdresser, mine are crazy, outgoing, loud and fiercely loyal. Keira on the other hand has a softer, quieter, more chilled clientele, they are happy to sit in silence and take the atmosphere in. Teegan loves to travel so if your one to take off on trips at the drop of the hat she is the one for you, she can talk travel and experiences till the cows come home. Demi is a true listener, she is happy to sit back and listen to your story’s loves to hear a great scandal as well as having a chat and Tiahn and Jennie are more similar to me, love a laugh and a great convo.

But no need to fear no matter who you get you will enjoy your experience but if you are after a certain personality from a hairdresser its always good to ask when making an appointment anywhere not just here, what type of hairdresser are they? This may sound strange to the person answering the phone but simply explain ‘I’d love to have someone do my hair that enjoys a chat’ or ‘I literally want to be silent for 4 hours because it’s the most peace I’ll have in the next 8 weeks’ we can then custom choose the stylist for you and make a note of what you like. Sounds in depth and complicated when you are just wanting your haircut but remember your stylist can be your best friend as well, someone you can share all your secrets with and not feel judged but just supported. These are the best lady friendships!

xo Samara