You really need to think about what we put our hair through when we apply extreme heat time and time again, we wonder why our locks are feeling dry while using a heat tool 2-4 times per week

Terrible to say but even as a hairdresser I became lazy with using a heat protectant and my hair suffered majorly because of it. You need to remember the front of your hair is then most fragile as it’s the finest part of your locks and also the part we apply the most heat to, I guarantee right now you are either looking at the front of your hair or feeling it thinking OMG yes this is me, I always want to grow these pieces and I never can!!! Heat protectant to the rescue! It must be applied EVERY SINGLE TIME you apply any type of heat to your hair, blow driers, irons, curling wands! Apply when its wet before blow-drying and then again before using any heat iron or wand, it will work to smooth the cuticle as well as acting as the barriers between the hair and the styling tool sealing in moisture and helping to fight frizz. This will help you on your way to growing out those pesky front pieces and also help you to have those beautiful smooth ends instead of those broken and dry ends. The product we have fallen head over heels in love with is the Moroccan oil protect and prevent, it contains a leave in moisturiser to aid with the health of your hair while protecting it from the heat.

Now heat protectants aren’t god, they cant completed stop damage from heat, the only way to do that is to stop with any heat tools (pfffttt hello 80s frizz) but they will reduce the damage you will cause to your hair and make sure they are being the security guard in between the heat and your hair!

If you don’t have one, RUN, literally RUN to the nearest hairdresser and invent in one today! Alternatively call us know and we can send you one in the post!