Ok ladies (and any sexy men that want to read my ramblings)

This is my first blog and something I plan to keep up, keeping in mind I am getting rounder everyday with this pregnancy and shortly I’ll have a new human to entertain me. I want to bring you a world of information that I have after 11 years of being in this industry! So feel free to send me emails with questions you need answering and I will always try my best to give you my honest answers. I also have some amazing friends in this industry as well as the makeup and beauty world that I can question as well.

So it’s time to get your hair did! You walk into the salon with your dark locks that you have been colouring every 8 weeks with a box colour and you want to be Khloe Kardashian blonde (yes we get her pics a lot and why not her hair is on point) but what you don’t realise is your hair is saturated and those colour molecules that have taken home in the cortex of your hair take an f-bomb of time to remove. Other things like the build up of silicone from shit shampoo can also do this but that’s a story for a later day.

Sooooooooooo if your seeing the right hairdresser they will sit you down and say “babe this is going to take a while, definitely multiple appointments and I actually have no idea how today is going to turn out” yep the good ones will actually tell you that, that’s because we aren’t magicians, your hair will do what it wants. Some people are lucky and can lighten fast, others it feels like it takes years and it can be expensive. So what should you do? Depends on how determined you are for new hair. If you want to be a blonde or even a light brown then here are the tips to achieving it!

1. Find the right hairdresser that you feel confident and comfortable with and trust the information given. You want to stick with this babe because he or she will get you there but trust it will take time
2. Expect red, orange, yellow. As much as we can try to avoid this you just can’t! We will use toners/colours to put over the top to mask those pesky under colours but you have to pull through red first. Then orange (and this one takes the longest time because it’s the strongest colour to hold on the shaft) into yellow. You may need to have toners every few weeks to month to contain this warmth

3. Use olaplex always when lightening (again another massive blog will come on this because I am obsessed with this shit) but in quick form it’s the most incredible product to ever hit our shelves as hairdressers and just ask others that have used it, the proof is in the pudding

4. Use hairdresser recommended products. We aren’t trying to sell you a bunch of crap we sincerely care and don’t want you to spend $400 on a new client to wash it with detergent!

5. Don’t expect anything! If you do you will be disappointed, if you don’t you will be delighted.

6.Enjoy the ride love! Don’t be so impatient to get there just enjoy being the different stages! Miss Khloe Kardashian is the best for showing us this! She has been so many variations of blonde and enjoyed each stage so do the same!